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The "Universal Crystal" is a high vibration, all purpose master healer to all who use it.


Having been used for millennia, Quartz has been used to heal, meditate, balance, amplify, and energize its users. Used in meditation, Quartz can help clear the mind and connect with a higher realm. It comes in several forms - crystal balls, skulls, clusters, and points - each as beautiful as the next.


Quartz is a powerful stone used in healing and can be helpful to ALL chakras when used properly. It is a strong amplifier of energy and is commonly used during healing sessions.


Quartz is an ancient stone carrying endless knowledge and can be programmed with your own intention to access that ancient wisdom.


Please Note:

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.


Item pictured is what you will receive. More pictures available upon request.


We always recommend cleansing once you receive and make sure you dedicate your crystal when ready.


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