Moroccan Fluorite Cluster - MF6

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Yellow & Blue Fluorite from Morocco

*with Pyrite

Fluorite is a stone that promotes mental order. It is great for beginners of meditation to help see past the minds "chatter" and bring you to a deeper state. The beautiful colors and layers of Fluorite make it great for many chakras but it is mainly linked to the heart and higher heart chakra.

Fluorite can also enhance focus in learning and can improve decision making. It is also a great stone to calm and relieve the stress of what may come in the future, clearing away mental fog.

Please Note:

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Item pictured is what you will receive. More pictures available upon request. Coloring may vary due to different lighting.

All crystals have been cleansed and charged under no less then 24 hours of sun and moon light. We always recommend cleansing once you receive and make sure you dedicate your crystal when ready.




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