Rose Quartz Freeform - RF1

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Rose Quartz 


Known as the Love Stone, it's gentle pink coloring is easily recognizable. Relating to all things love, Rose Quartz can help attract love, heal a broken heart, or mend broken relationships. 

It's soft vibrations are tuned to the heart chakra and is best when worn. However, placed in a room, it can fill the space with a loving aura for everyone. 


Allowing Rose Quartz to lend its vibrations to you will help you soothe a broken heart, heal any emotional conflicts or allow you to see more beauty in the world.


Please Note:

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.


Item pictured is what you will receive. More pictures available upon request.


We always recommend cleansing once you receive and make sure you dedicate your crystal when ready.



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