Week 3 - 5 Week Tarot Class - December 7th

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We are so excited to be hosting Hampton's Psychic, Julie Dyer for a 5 Week tarot class starting Every Friday from 11/23 to 12/21. In these classes you will learn a brief history of the tarot, numbers and symbolism, major and minor arcana and reading spreads including the Celtic cross and simple 1 & 3 card daily readings.  This is an excellent class to be fully submersed in the art of Tarot. 

Week 1 - Brief History of Tarot, Numbers and Symbolism. Minor Arcana - Wands.

Week 2 - Minor Arcana continued - Cups, Pentacles and Swords.

Week 3 - Major Arcana - Fool to Justice

Week 4 - Hanged Man to The World

Week 5 - Spreads - 1 and 3 card Daily readings, Celtic Cross and Life reading.

Sign up for all classes for $150 or if you would just like to join for individual classes, Tickets are $35/class. Classes will run approx 60-90 mins.

Only 24 Sears Available.